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Green Apple - 9.990 Ft
  • Green Apple - 9.990 Ft
  • Citrus Dream - 9.990 Ft





Natural fermentation process

Instead of traditional synthetic production - perhaps you didn't know, but conventional BCAAs are produced synthetically (!) - BCAA MAX is made using a microbacterial fermentation process, the innovative fermentation method, without chemical substances. In contrast to traditional BCAA preparations, PANHELLEN BCAA MAX is produced exclusively from vegetable raw materials , using a gentle process and at a low temperature. One of its advantages is that it contains no lactose or allergenic substances , making it much easier to digest, which is further enhanced by the fact that the amino acids (leucine, isoleudin and valine) are in a pre-digested state thanks to fermentation. It can be consumed by vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and people with gluten intolerance.

Active substances that enhance utilization

Zinc regulates the hormone insulin, which consists of 91 amino acids, which is the most important link in the muscle building process. The zinc supplement is vitamin B6 , which is an important intermediary element in amino acid metabolism. The intracellular transport of amino acids is related to the adequate supply of vitamin B6. Chromium increases the effectiveness of the hormone insulin, as well as increases protein synthesis and encourages the body to absorb free amino acids from the blood. At the same time, it inhibits harmful protein breakdown within muscle cells.

Therefore, supplemented with chromium , zinc and vitamin B6 in an optimal ratio, BCAA is more effective in the muscle building process than on its own. PANHELLEN BCAA MAX contains all three active ingredients in optimal proportions.

Instantization for perfect resolution

Traditional BCAA preparations are poorly soluble in water. Therefore, in order to improve the reconstitution (re-dissolution) property of BCAA MAX, we use a steam agglomeration technique without mechanical intervention. As a result, BCAA MAX dissolves easily, quickly and perfectly in water.

Superior flavors, using real fruits

We also placed special emphasis on the flavoring, so that the functionality of BCAA MAX is accompanied by a consumption experience. After long experiments, using real fruits, we managed to produce two fresh, cooling, extremely delicious flavors : Green Apple and Citrus Dream. If you are tired of the sickeningly sweet or bitter BCAA drinks, you will like the selected flavors of Panhellen, created with the involvement of gastronomic experts and tested on athletes.

The result

A maximally usable BCAA preparation containing the three most important amino acids in an optimal ratio (2:1:1), produced exclusively from natural ingredients and methods, which is perfectly soluble and exceptionally delicious.


BCAA is one of the most important nutritional supplements for athletes!

Under the Full description tab, you can read everything you need to know about branched chain amino acids, i.e. BCAAs, as well as get accurate information about the fermentation process.


For competitive athletes and hobbyists to support skeletal muscle-building processes and regeneration. Alternative energy source under load.

For athletes, in addition to multivitamins and protein, as well as joint protectors, the most important nutritional supplement is BCAA.


  1. Increasing muscle mass, avoiding muscle loss: BCAAs, also known as branched chain amino acids, are essential, i.e. vital for the body. Their replacement must be taken care of every day, because the body cannot produce them. The muscle tissue is approx. 35% of it is made up of BCAAs, i.e. leucine, isoleucine and valine, which is why supplementation is almost essential for athletes. Through their role in protein synthesis, BCAAs can contribute to increasing muscle mass and avoiding muscle loss.
  2. Increase energy level: As an immediate source of energy for the muscles, they help to achieve and maintain the appropriate energy level. By increasing insulin secretion, thus ensuring adequate glucose supply and replenishing glycogen stores, they can help stabilize the ideal blood sugar level. Leucine plays the biggest role in energy production; both at rest and during exercise, this amino acid is used fastest and to the greatest extent by the body. Leucine, isoleucine and valine enhance each other's effects, the recommended intake ratio pair is 2:1:1 - PANHELLEN BCAA MAX was made with this ratio.
  3. Other effects: An additional advantage of BCAA is that it reduces the level of the stress hormone, i.e. cortisol, in the blood plasma, thus eliminating its negative effects (e.g. catabolic processes). (For additional product features, see below, in the description of the active ingredients.)


The active ingredients of PANHELLEN BCAA MAX can contribute to the following:


  • inhibition of muscle tissue degradation (anti-catabolic effect)
  • stimulation of protein synthesis (muscle-building effect)
  • supporting building processes by increasing insulin secretion
  • reducing the feeling of fatigue during training
  • maintaining and increasing the energy level as the main source of energy for the muscles
  • appetite reduction
  • strengthening the immune system
  • rapid breakdown of sugars and fats by increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin (metabolism-improving effect)
  • speeding up the (muscle) regeneration process
  • wound healing support


  • inhibition of muscle tissue degradation (anti-catabolic effect)
  • stimulation of protein synthesis (muscle-building effect)
  • proper blood sugar control
  • lowering blood sugar levels by increasing insulin secretion; support of (muscle) building processes
  • achieving and maintaining the appropriate energy level
  • support of glycogen loading
  • helping blood formation through its role in hemoglobin synthesis
  • acceleration of regeneration processes
  • strengthening the immune system


  • by maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, an increase in muscle mass (muscle-building effect)
  • inhibition of muscle tissue degradation (anti-catabolic effect)
  • helping the energy supply of the cells and thus the energy production of the muscles
  • speeding up the (muscle) regeneration process
  • supporting proper muscle coordination
  • strengthening the immune system
  • increasing mental performance and concentration
  • contribution to stress relief and peaceful sleep

Vitamin B6:

  • helping the utilization of proteins
  • supporting the amino acid metabolism, the transport of amino acids within the cell
  • helping mental focus, concentration and well-being
  • supporting the metabolism of essential fatty acids
  • supporting the maintenance of a strong and healthy immune system
  • supporting the proper functioning of the digestive system and the nervous system
  • protecting the integrity of the skin surface


  • supporting insulin in delivering blood sugar to muscle cells, thereby indirectly helping energy production
  • increasing protein synthesis
  • inhibition of harmful protein breakdown within the muscle cell
  • support of free amino acid uptake from the blood
  • regulation of blood sugar levels, keeping blood sugar values ​​within normal limits
  • reducing the risk of confusion
  • moderately supporting the favorable modification of body composition and weight loss
  • support of carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • improving glucose tolerance
  • reducing appetite and cravings for sweets resulting from sugar metabolism disorders
  • antioxidant effect


  • regulation of the insulin hormone
  • normalization of metabolism and insulin production
  • increasing insulin sensitivity of tissues
  • supporting cell protection
  • supporting the optimal functioning of the immune system
  • supporting the optimal functioning of the prostate in men and productivity in women


What does fermentation technology mean?

Although an adequate protein diet is essential for muscle building, the building processes can be most effectively supported by the use of dietary supplements containing additional protein particles (peptides and/or amino acids). Peptides and free amino acids found in supplements are produced in several ways; with a partial or extensive extraction (hydrolysis) or fermentation process. While proteins of natural origin (e.g. milk, soy) are broken down into smaller units (peptides) and amino acids during hydrolysis, amino acids are produced with the help of microorganisms during the fermentation process.

In the former case, the amino acid composition of the starting material determines, or can limit the amount of amino acids in the manufactured product. Depending on the degree of breakdown, we distinguish partially hydrolyzed (containing larger peptides), extensively hydrolyzed (containing smaller peptides) and fully hydrolyzed (amino acid-based) supplements. However, the latter is only typical for special medicinal and infant formulas.

The importance of this lies in the allergy-causing nature of the starting protein, because the smaller a protein is broken down (hydrolyzed), the more likely it is to cause allergies in sensitive individuals. Even dietary supplements containing extensively hydrolyzed protein may cause complaints in sensitive individuals. During extraction procedures, the protein undergoes various enzymatic, acid and heat treatment procedures.

In contrast, food supplements made with fermentation technology, such as PANHELLEN BCAA MAX, are purely amino acid-based, which means they are absorbed more easily, quickly and efficiently, and do not have an allergic effect . Another advantage is that no chemical or heat treatment is used during the fermentation process.

A food that promotes the development of great muscle strength, primarily intended for athletes and those performing heavy physical work.

PANHELLEN BCAA MAX /greean apple/

PANHELLEN BCAA MAX /citrus dream/

SUGGESTED USE: mix 1 serving (9 g = 2 scoops*) of Panhellen BCAA Max drink powder with 200 ml of water. To achieve the best effect, consume 1 serving during training and 1 serving after training.



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