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Another world-patented preparation in Panhellen's range. The proteins with the highest biological utilization value (whey) have been supplemented with the unique DigeZyme® enzyme system, with the help of which an even greater amount of amino acids reach the muscle tissues, promoting faster muscle building.

The most useful proteins - ahead of beef, egg, casein, soy and all other protein supplements - are whey products. Within this, the characteristic of the whey concentrate is the maximum consumer experience (the finest flavors, excellent texture), and the whey isolate won recognition for its outstanding biological utilization value. AMINO WHEY perfectly combines these two positives: the content of microfiltered whey concentrate ensures an unforgettable taste experience and an excellent texture for both food preparation and consumption as a smoothie, and the isolate ensures even better utilization.

The latter - excellent utilization - was maximized by adding a unique enzyme system in the AMINO WHEY products: The 100% natural DigeZyme® enzyme complex consisting of bioactive polypeptides breaks down protein into amino acids, enhances the process of protein digestion, and improves the absorption of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). As a result of DigeZyme®, the muscles can utilize more amino acids from the same amount of protein! As a result, muscle mass can be increased faster and regeneration is enhanced.

AMINO WHEY is therefore a high-quality, pure whey protein preparation for recreational and competitive athletes, providing above-average amino acid utilization, for greater and faster muscle building and regeneration.

Fabulous flavors:

PANHELLEN AMINO WHEY PROTEIN is available in 4 flavors:

Hazelnut cream: The taste of our favorite hazelnut cream, with a hint of chocolate, offers a unique, unique experience. A real curiosity. Using peanut flour and chocolate!

Forest fruit: It's like drinking a real fruit smoothie, made from fresh berries. The natural taste experience is provided by real fruit powders, which we used for flavoring. Creamy and refreshingly delicious - not "just" clean and efficient.

Chocolate: Like a heavenly chocolate drink. The flavoring was done by adding real chocolate powder, thanks to which its natural flavor is captivating.

Bourbon vanilla: Characteristic, yet soft and creamy. The taste reminiscent of vanilla milkshakes from the best confectioneries provides an unforgettable experience. With natural vanilla extract.


For competitive athletes and hobby athletes (for the purpose of increasing daily protein intake, increasing muscle mass, and muscle regeneration).


The role and importance of proteins in sports and the effect of higher than necessary protein intake on performance is one of the most researched topics in the modern world. Although proteins are also classified as energy-giving (so-called calorigenic) macronutrients, they are not primarily important in energy-producing processes. Their biggest role is in the growth, construction and reconstruction of our body and tissues (e.g. muscle tissue). They are also necessary to regulate proper blood circulation; also for the smooth functioning and regulation of immunological, hormonal, metabolic and other biological-physiological processes.

The protein consumed with food is broken down into amino acids by our digestive system. However, the shorter the amino acid chain of the protein taken in from the outside, the easier it is to digest. Recognizing this fact, the mass production of protein powders began. It is important to point out that protein-based dietary supplements are no different from the proteins in food (e.g. chicken, eggs) in terms of nutrients. They do not support e.g. muscle building, however, they have a number of advantages, which make it a prominent place in the diet of athletes:

• protein supplements contain amino acids, not complex proteins, i.e. as stated above, they can be digested and utilized by the body more easily and quickly;

• they can be consumed (drinked) conveniently and quickly, and they can be transported easily;

• have a high enjoyment value (delicious taste);

• they are a more complex and effective source of protein than a slice of meat - for example, they contain amino acids in an "advantageous" ratio for the purpose.


Egg, beef, whey, casein, soy protein - which is the best choice?

In addition to the adequate amount of protein intake, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the proteins. We often come across the concept of biological value. This means what percentage of the proteins in the given food can be used by our body to build its own proteins. The biological value of breast milk and eggs is 100, which means that they are fully utilized in our body. The biological value of cow's milk and beef is between 88-95, that of chicken is 82. Among plant foods, it is worth highlighting soy, which has a biological value of 75-78. However, it is also worth examining the biological value of protein supplements!

The biological value of whey protein isolate is 159(!), that of whey protein concentrate is 104. In contrast, the biological value of egg white concentrate is 91, that of beef protein is 80, that of casein is 77, and that of soy protein concentrate is 74. because the efficiency of use is also taken into account. Therefore, the biological value is not actually viewed as a percentage, but as a score.) As can be seen from the list, the protein source that can be used most efficiently and best in sports is whey protein.


Whey is nothing but a high-protein byproduct of cheese production. (After water removal, the protein content of the whey powder is 90%.) The whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate are obtained through further refining processes.

Whey concentrate:

Whey protein concentrate is produced during heat treatment at high temperatures, as a result of which the structure of the proteins is somewhat damaged, making them less usable for the body than in the case of whey isolate. However, the texture is better: thicker, creamier milkshakes can be made from it, and their flavor reproduction is better. In the case of increasing muscle mass, the use of concentrates is highly recommended, as they raise the insulin level more effectively than glucose, thereby better supporting the building processes.

Whey isolate:

Whey protein is not treated at a high temperature, but drying at a lower temperature and then "filtration" (isolation) is used, thus preserving the activity of the proteins and obtaining a whey protein isolate that is easier, faster to digest, and usable. During isolation, the carbohydrate (lactose, i.e. milk sugar) and fat content of the whey is further reduced, thereby increasing its biological value.

You can find information about the fabulous flavors under the Short description tab. (You can switch to the short description at the top of the description.)


The building blocks of proteins are amino acids. The proteins of our body are made up of 20 amino acids. The body can create its own proteins (e.g. enzymes, hormones, protective substances) from the amino acids obtained from food and entered into the bloodstream, and a number of biochemical reactions ensure that some amino acids are able to transform into each other. Those that our body can produce are called non-essential (not essential for the body) amino acids. However, there are so-called essential (indispensable) amino acids, which our body cannot produce (or only in insufficient quantities), so it has to manage with what we take in with our diet. We need to replenish essential amino acids every day. (Unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body cannot store proteins.)

Essential amino acids:

  • phenylalanine
  • isoleucine
  • leucine
  • lysine
  • methionine
  • threonine
  • tryptophan
  • on the wall
  • histidine (only essential in infancy!)
  • taurine (essential only in infancy!)

During sports activities (especially in the absence of carbohydrates!) the so-called the concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAA - Branched Chain Amino Acids), i.e. isoleucine, leucine and valine, decreases in the blood, because the muscles can primarily use these amino acids as "fuel". PANHELLEN AMINO WHEY PROTEIN contains these amino acids in the right proportion, thus further supporting the increase in muscle mass and the prevention of muscle loss. The BCAA found in AMINO WHEY are used by the muscles as an immediate energy source and effectively help to achieve and maintain the appropriate energy level during training.

A food that promotes the development of great muscle strength, primarily intended for athletes and those performing heavy physical work.

SUGGESTED USE: For one serving, put 2 dl of water in a shaker, add 30g of Panhellen Amino Whey Protein powder (1 scoop)*, then shake and consume. 1-4 servings per day can be consumed, depending on protein needs. You can consume 1 serving after training (this is the most important time for athletes), before training, after waking up, before going to bed, or between meals.

It can be used to flavor porridges, to prepare protein dishes, and can also be consumed as a smoothie with water or milk.

STORAGE: Protected from light, in a dry, cool place, between 5-25°C.

WARNING: The product does not replace a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle! Keep out of the reach of small children! Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption amount!

*The measuring spoon does not replace the use of a standardized measuring device. Use an accurate scale for precise dosing.



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