Panhellen "win the shape of your dreams" game rules

  1. The name of the game, the definition of the game

The name of the game: PANHELLEN "win the shape of your dreams" prize game

Game definition:

PHL International Kft. Headquarters: 1145 Budapest, Amerikai út 70. Fsz. 2nd; tax number: 26649595-2-42 (hereinafter: Organizer) announces a prize draw. In this regard, you undertake to be found on the social portal available at www.instagram.com under the name PANHELLEN (@panhellen_com).

The participants in the game in relation to the game:

They establish a "Follow" relationship on Instagram with the profile of the Organizer (@panhellen_com) and its collaborating partners (@swapfashion.hu and @westfit_studio), as well as "Like" the post related to the prize draw, and write a comment under the post as specified in the conditions .

Among the participants in the game, two randomly selected (drawn) players (hereinafter: Winners) will receive a prize.

  1. Personal conditions for participation in the prize draw

All natural persons with a residential address in Hungary can participate in the prize draw. Participants in the prize draw accept the conditions and rules set out in these Game Regulations as binding on them.

  1. The duration of the game

The game starts on December 07, 2020 and ends on December 13, 2020 at 23:59.

  1. Material conditions for participation in the prize draw

All persons referred to in point 2 (hereinafter: Player) who have their own Instagram user account can participate in the game, as long as they can be identified on the basis of that account. The Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of any other errors in the identity of the winners or in the identification of the winners. The prize draw is free for participants and does not involve any purchase obligation.

  1. How to apply for the game

Application for participation in the game with explicit suggestive behavior is considered if the Player establishes a "Follow" relationship with the Instagram of PANHELLEN (@panhelen_com) and its cooperating partners (@swapfashion.hu and @westfit_studio) in order to win the prize. with his page and "Likes" the game-related photo posted on December 7, 2020 on @panhellen_com's Instagram page, as well as comments under the photo in the manner specified in the terms and conditions and tags ("tags") a friend. The Organizer does not accept any other form of application.

The prize draw is open to all natural persons with a residential address in Hungary who, by 23:59 on December 13, 2020, "like" the entry for the prize draw on the @panhellen_com Instagram page on December 7, 2020, and comment below in the manner specified above, in which 1 tags a friend and follows the official Instagram page of @panhelen_com and its cooperating partners (@swapfashion.hu and @westfit_studio).

  1. Prizes

In the prize draw, two winners will be drawn from among all the people who meet the aforementioned regulations. The prize: 1 virtual voucher worth HUF 35,000, which you can redeem for any product available in the web store operating at www.panhellen.com , and 1 virtual voucher also worth HUF 35,000, which can be redeemed in the web store operating at www.swapfashion.hu can be redeemed for any available product, and a HUF 30,000 personal training pass with recommended diet, for which you can book an appointment at www.westfit.hu . As part of the prize draw, we will draw 2 winners on Instagram.

  1. Time of the draw and notification of winners

The prize draw lasts until 23:59 on December 13, 2020. The draw and the winners will be notified by 11:59 p.m. on December 14, 2020. The Winner will be notified via Instagram in a comment below the picture for the game. The exact place and time of receiving the prize will be agreed upon with the Winner after contact. Contact must be initiated by the Winner.

  1. Conditions for receiving the prize

The Organizer is not responsible if the Winner does not contact the Organizer no later than 7 days after the Winner's name has been announced, and thus forfeits the prize. Those participating in the game agree that @panhellen_com and their cooperating partners (@swapfashion.hu and @westfit_studio) will publish their names on their official Instagram page in case of victory. The participants in the game undertake to prove their eligibility with an identity document in case of victory.

The prize is freely transferable, but cannot be exchanged for money.

  1. Rights of the Organizer

The Organizer disclaims its responsibility for any claims for compensation or indemnification during participation in the prize draw, for costs, damages or losses resulting from or related to possible errors, shortcomings, malfunctions of the game. It also accepts no responsibility if, during the game, the official Instagram page of @panhellen_com is temporarily unavailable for reasons beyond its control. PHL International Kft. reserves the right to change the conditions of the game upon informing the participants. It is sufficient to provide the information in the same way as the game invitation. The participants accept that they are fully responsible for any damage caused to PHL International Kft. by any violation of the Game Rules during participation in the prize draw. PHL International Kft. may withdraw the opportunity to participate in the prize draw and the receipt of the prize from any player in case of violation of the Game Rules.

  1. Data handling

Data handling

The Organizer, as Data Controller, manages the Player's data in accordance with these Participation Rules and the applicable data protection legislation.

By participating in the Game, the Player expressly consents to the processing of his personal data as defined in these Rules of Participation. The player expressly accepts and acknowledges that he is not entitled to compensation for the public publication of his data in connection with the game. Participation in the game and the provision of data is voluntary, however, the player acknowledges that if he becomes a winner but does not provide the data necessary to hand over the prize, this will lead to exclusion from the game, i.e. the winner will lose his right to the prize.

Scope of processed personal data

For the purposes specified in these Participation Rules, the Data Controller only handles the personal data that the Player voluntarily provided to the Data Controller during participation in the prize draw (for example, name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, hereinafter: Personal Data).

Purpose of data management

The Data Controller is entitled to process the Player's personal data for the purpose of participation in the Game and the delivery of the prize, after which the Data Controller deletes the winner's data from its database. The Player can request information about data management at any time. In connection with the processing of the data, the participants have the right to protest and the right to legal enforcement as a legal remedy.

Data processor

The Data Controller is entitled to process the Player's personal data for the purposes specified in these Participation Rules. When handling the Player's personal data, the data is processed by PHL International Kft ((1145 Budapest, Amerikai út 70. Fsz. 2.; tax number: 26649595-2-42).

Duration of data management

The Data Controller is entitled to process the Player's personal data until the prizes are delivered.

Data security

The Data Controller ensures the security of the Player's personal Data, and also implements the technical and organizational measures that guarantee an adequate level of protection of the Players' personal Data.

Withdraw consent

The Data Controller informs the player that he can withdraw his consent at any time, without any restrictions or reasons, free of charge by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address (ugyfelszolgalat@panhellen.com).

  1. Acceptance of the Participation Rules by the Player

By participating in the game, the Player acknowledges and accepts all the conditions contained in these Rules of Participation.

  1. Final provisions

The Game is governed by Hungarian legislation. All data obtained in connection with applications during the Game can only be used in accordance with the consent given by the applicants at the time of application, these Rules of Participation and Instagram principles.

The game is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with Instagram. The Player provides his data to the Organizer of the Game, not to Instagram. The information provided by the Player will only be used for the purposes described in these Regulations. Instagram does not participate in the organization of the Game, therefore, in connection with participation in the Game, they are fully and completely exempt from any obligations arising from the Game.

Should certain provisions of these Participation Rules be invalid, this will not affect the validity of other parts of the Participation Rules. In this case, the invalid provision of the Participation Regulations will be replaced by the relevant and effective provision of the current Hungarian legislation.

  1. Request for information

More information about the game can be requested at the following e-mail address: ugyfeszolgalat@panhellen.com

Budapest, 07.12.2020


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