Athlete reviews

Katrin Klujber, Hungarian national handball player (FTC Rail Cargo Hungária)

"Ever since I was a child, I have been under a lot of pressure, as well as the expectations of me. In order to reach my goal and be able to perform at my best, I do everything. That is why I choose Panhellen products, because I have found that in addition to being of high quality, they are very delicious too 😊"

My favorite products: Ultravitamin, Bcaa Max, Nitr-o, Go!

    Mátyás Győri, Hungarian national handball player (Grundfos Tatabánya KC)

    "In the past, I myself had problems with ligament and cartilage injuries. In order to achieve 100% performance, you have to do everything, both on and off the field. Obviously, in sports, you cannot predict what will happen, as surprises can come at any time, but I think the prevention is the most important thing. "

    My favorite products: Ultra whey proteins, MSM+, Ultravitamin Pro

    Viktória Lukács, Hungarian national handball player (Győri Audi ETO KC)

    "Our sport is intense, where it is not uncommon for players to collide with each other. Success often depends on how well we are able to avoid injuries and accidents. Panhellen's complex products are a complex solution for me, also to prevent joint problems. "

    My favorite products: Alga+, Cal-mag, MSM+, Ultra whey proteins

    Gergő Badar, Hungarian IronMan champion

    "Triathlon competitions require the physical and mental performance of my body in an extreme way. Completing a competition can mean up to 9 hours of continuous exertion. It is therefore essential that I support my body with food supplements that are proven to be of the best use. Fortunately, I found the products of PANHELLEN , so I can maximize my performance and regeneration."

    My favorite products: Ultra whey proteins, Bcaa Max, Ultravitamin, Glutamine


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