It somewhat contradicts the theory outlined in their previous article , but there is also a common denominator .

But perhaps this is the beauty of the different perceptions of strength sports . His research and experiences stimulate thinking and we can continue exciting " experiments " .

Everyone should apply any of the above according to their own abilities , or leave it to a professional!

Sequential theory


Since 1964, the Russians have not imposed a " pyramid method " and there was a reason for this. As well as the fact that it is worth considering their opinions and experiences (research) in the field of strength training .


Soviet researchers such as YVVerkhoshansky observed that the athlete's body adapts better - it develops better - if the training goal is more focused and does not contain too many conflicting expectations , such as. be durable , fast, big, strong and furiously explosive at the same time .


We need to know that the different repetition ranges and the load paired with them will have different effects on our body :


- the low - repetition , strength - building sets burn muscle density max . will increase its strength the most ,


- medium repetitions ( 8-12 ) will increase the contractile proteins , i.e. muscles ,


-exercises performed with a high number of repetitions will result in sarcoplasms and mitochondria ( which is a very important factor at that level ).

What follows from this ?

It is not worth completing our training in a very wide range of repetitions ( at least one training session ) , since , based on the above, then a multi-faceted , multi -directional (too much) and type of load arrives , so the body " doesn't know" what would be more important? In the end , he will only adapt minimally in all directions, that is, he will develop, but nothing to the same extent as if he had received a clear instruction (burden ) !


Charles Poliquin (RIP), one of the best strength coaches in the world, also supported the theory .

For the sake of clarity, I mention that pyramids with a narrow repetition range such as 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 or 12-10-8-10-12 are perfectly fine, even ended up in a wider range , such as 12-10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10-12 are not ineffective either, but strategies with a narrower focus seem to be more effective .

The " finisher " tactic does not fit with the above model either, according to which , at the end of a strength training session , e.g. after a bench press, they complete 50 push-ups or 50-60 repetitions with a very light weight , or maybe a sprint after heavy squats .


Personally , I have never agreed with this, for example . (author's note)


Unless , of course , your goal is to train all aspects of your standing skills at the same time (e.g. special military units ) .


So think about your own goals in separate cycles and focus on them !

Another interesting thing that you might have experienced yourself :


The German scientist T. Hettinger discovered that the strength that is built up quickly can also be lost quickly and the reverse is also true.

Soviet scientists such as , for example , V. Platonov added to this . that external training qualities can be developed and lost at different speeds .

For example , myofibrillar hypertrophy ( 4-12 sim.) builds up more slowly and loses more slowly , as does sarcoplasmic hypertrophy ( many times , but up to 100) or brute strength ( 1-3 times)


Conclusion :


The muscles you built with rock - hard work will not fall apart if you focus on your explosiveness or endurance for 1-2 training sessions .


In addition , since in the case of maximum strength and muscle endurance, development can be achieved ( relatively ) quickly , you only need 1-2 training sessions every once in a while to bring them to an acceptable level.

The point :


At most , dedicate three training sessions to muscle building with medium repetitions , and feel free to use high or low repetitions for the rest of the training .

Listen to your instincts and your feelings , and make decisions based on your current state .



literature used:

Pavel Tsatsouline "Beyond Bodybuilding"

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