More developed MUSCLES = longer (and fuller!) LIFE

More developed MUSCLES = longer (and fuller!) LIFE

When will people finally realize that properly developed muscles do not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but also play a decisive role in our health and our independence in old age?!

When we talk about bigger and more developed muscles and strength, it's not about living like an elite athlete and seeing lines in the mirror that put bodybuilders to shame.

However, if you want to live a long, enjoyable and healthy life and stay active in old age, take the following advice seriously.

As we age, the muscles begin to decrease - from the age of 40 - and later - around 60 - this process becomes drastic.

Sarcopenia is the main cause of the continuous decrease in muscle mass, which is partly due to the following:


  • sedentary lifestyle
  • deterioration of the functioning of the nervous system
  • chronic inflammations
  • unhealthy diet
  • hormonal changes
  • diseases


Muscle tissue is a highly active tissue and part of the endocrine system . It plays a role in the regulation of blood sugar, the absorption of glucose, and it is now a proven fact that it also plays an active role in certain healing processes.

Decrease in muscle mass

  • May promote insulin resistance
  • It slows down healing processes and metabolism
  • It impairs metabolic flexibility
  • It plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes
  • It can contribute to chronic fatigue
  • It makes basic functional movements uncertain
  • It makes you vulnerable and vulnerable


However, we can forget about the muscle breakdown and the countless health disadvantages associated with it, if we pay enough attention to properly and regularly putting our body and muscles to work.


What are the most important requirements to gain adequate muscle mass?

  • Strength training with dumbbells
  • Adequate nutrition with sufficient protein intake

In addition, of course, there are other components of success, but we only mention these two because they are the most important.

We have to challenge our body and muscles in order for them to try/be able to adapt and grow bigger and stronger through (super)compensation.

And during the whole day's meals, we must pay attention to taking in the right quality and quantity of animal protein, since these are the building blocks of muscle tissue.

The ideal intake obviously depends on goal, age, weight and gender - it depends on the exercise context - but it ranges somewhere between 1.5 and 3 gr/tskg.

This can be supplemented with food supplements, but always make sure that the majority of our meals consist of solid food.

To those who think it is too late, we would like to say the classic saying that "it is never too late".

It is possible and even desirable to strengthen and develop muscles even at an old age. The need for protein also increases in old age, despite this, we often see that older people consume less and less of it, thereby further generating negative processes.

And if someone is afraid of injuries in retirement, it is worth asking them:

how afraid are you of complete degradation and its consequences ?

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