TRAINING METHODS SERIES I. /FST-7 is the "Fascia stretching" technique/

TRAINING METHODS SERIES I. /FST-7 is the "Fascia stretching" technique/

In the series, we will reveal different training and antidote to you .

It is important to note that these remedies may be suitable for some people, but not recommended for others based on their condition or current state of mind .

We ask you to start trying any new method only when you are sufficiently happy and after practice , it is best to consult a professional.

FST-7 is the " new fascia ny " technique

 FST-7 is an abbreviation : Fascia Strecht Training, i.e. " muscle stretch training " , the number 7 indicates the series numbers to be performed after the " smooth " series .

Who made it oh yeah?

 Maybe you already know the name of Hany Rambod , who in professional circles is only referred to as " Pro Creator" .

He also helped his trainees to several Mr. Olympia titles , including Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Hadi Choopan, Jeremy Buendia, and prepared them for the year.

What is fascia ?

Before we explain the essence of the plan , it is worth knowing what the above expression means .

So : a word of Latin origin , it means ribbon, five and five .

It is a strong membrane layer that is located between the muscle fibers, enclosing your entire body and giving the soft tissues a supporting role.

Apart from this, it also has another role, but we are now looking at it from a different point of view , so we will not bore you for a long time with its biological details.

What is the essence of old medicine ?

 According to the creator's idea, the fascia can prevent the muscles from growing and growing because it is stronger and thicker than some athletes , and as a result , it creates a barrier for the muscles to grow and grow.

Based on the above, it is therefore necessary to perform a type of training where we achieve a high degree of blood burning and bursting , thus " stretching" the fascia from the inside out, as a result of which the muscle will also have " more space" to grow.

In addition to these effects, the method is also good for provoking hormonal responses from the body (e.g. increased production of testosterone, HGH activity), which greatly promotes the spatial and qualitative growth of the muscles and gives them greater "density".

Of course , the implementation of the plan is not so one-sided .

The athlete starts training in the usual way , i.e. as part of the body (warming up and after) with 3-4 exercises, 3-5 sets of exercises , with 10-12 repetitions , aiming for the relatively heavier weight for its use , paying attention to the regular, concentrated execution of the exercises , and the slower, controlled execution of the negative section .

Pyramidal or straight series can also be used , and relatively intensive work must be done against medium /heavy weights , approx. with 1-minute rest periods.

Techniques involving intensity can already be incorporated in this phase, such as rest-pause or forced repetitions, but you can freely use short partial repetitions , pumping , etc.

Then follows the "essence" of the method:

Using some isolation exercise, do 7 sets aiming for 12 reps each, approx. 30-45 seconds with a rest period.

 You can do this either:

-independently with a single exercise

- you can perform classic supersets with antagonistic muscle groups (biceps-triceps)

- but according to Hany, even a triset-type FST-7 performed within the same muscle group can work very well, - like e.g. in the case of one shoulder - "pressing on a worm machine - side raising sitting - back shoulder also on a machine" one after the other (of course with 10-12 repetitions); after the triset, rest for 30-45 seconds, a total of 7 sets.

You can do 2-4 of these trisets or simple supersets with different exercises.

The possibilities can be varied very well according to your fitness level and your current state.

In general, it can also be said that it is not worth trying large, complex exercises, as this would be too taxing and at the same time a risk of injury.

It is better to perform complex exercises in the first block, where we can really exploit the benefits of heavier weights and basic exercises.

Cable and machine exercises can be an advantage here.

This also shows that Hany actually invented a "hybrid method", which provides multiple types of stress to the muscles within one workout.

 Who is it NOT for?

- it is clearly not recommended for beginners , for them it is completely unnecessary and too burdensome,

- for athletes who are not in the top third of their performance,

-those who are exhausted and need more relaxed, low-intensity training.

Who is it recommended for?

 - for experienced and advanced athletes

- who are in excellent physical condition

-those who need some extra intensity and progress

-those who are stuck in development and want to try something new

-who have a muscle group lagging behind in development.

How many times?

 Needless to say, it is not recommended to apply the above technique to all muscle groups continuously, on a daily basis, because the load and the resulting energy deficit will be so enormous that in the end we will lose more with it than we hoped to gain!

In general, it can be said that the method can be tolerated and exploited almost 1-2 times a week, but -like everything else- it depends on the context , so it requires individual assessment.

What else are you looking for?

 Although the advice below is also valid at other times, for such intensive techniques, it deserves a special mention:

- adequate amount and quality of protein intake (individual preferences)

/ you can help with this, e.g. our excellent proteins/

-adequate quality nutrition tailored to the individual, of course

-continuous and optimal supply of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes


- optimal sleep, breathing and stress management

- sufficient fluid intake.

We hope you found this unusual method exciting, have you ever tried it?

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