The truth about (EPI) GENETICS!

The truth about (EPI) GENETICS!


For decades , the majority of people have quietly accepted that their health or overweight is determined from the outset due to genetic reasons . High blood pressure is caused by the liver and the reasons could be listed endlessly ...

However , not one doctor and researcher drew attention to the fact that the majority of diseases - even more than 95 % - are caused by improper lifestyle , diet and dik, that is, thanks to EPIGENETICS , the body reached the state where it is now.

But where does the central dogma come from, according to which the brain determines everything?

In the 1970s, Dr. James Watson and Dr. Kirk Francis Crick, among others , reinforced the position that we have little or no say in the outcome of our lives . in our current state and it is only a matter of time before the predestined illness appears .

When the researchers came across results that contradicted this , they immediately dismissed them , saying that they were just anomalies of a composite system .

What's the good news ?

The above statements were based on knowledge that is no longer valid !

Less than 5% of the world's population is born with a genetic disorder , such as Down's disease or type 1 diabetes .

You get your diseases with the lifestyle and behavior of the other 95 % of the population !

The good news is that we can indeed influence the development of our diseases and whether the genes we carry as a single person are expressed!? So, should we allow our tendency to develop a certain disease or not!?

What has changed ?

In 1990, scientists began to reconstruct the entire human genetic code !

The researchers expected that they would have to identify 140,000 separate genes , but instead in 2003, at the end of the project, they were shocked to find that humans have a total of 26,688 genes .

Based on the " central dogma " mentioned above , this is not only not enough for the brain to create and maintain the complex processes in our body, but also for our brain to be able to function .

A new theory of life

Genes exert their effect by systematically cooperating with each other , during which several genes are expressed (turned on) or repressed ( turned off) at the same time , inside a cell .

This does not happen randomly , but through a carefully choreographed process .

It is therefore completely logical that cells are able to activate or deactivate in response to the impact of the environment outside the cell !

Therefore , our emotional and mental state , the influence of the external environment , such as toxins, temperature , the food and drinks we consume will all have an effect on how our health and vitality turn over the years .

For this reason, it doesn't matter whether when you choose a food supplement , you settle for a " good price " but not sufficiently pure and complex product or a product made from reliable and ultra-pure active ingredients . you will use two.


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