What kind of protein should we eat and why is it important?

What kind of protein should we eat and why is it important?

Why is it important?

 First, we need to understand why it is so important to consume the right amount and quality of protein in addition to a healthy, athletic lifestyle.

Almost every process in our body requires protein:

- to our tissues,

- for building our muscles

- for the structure of our skin,

- for basic biological and cellular processes,

- for our proper hormone function,

- for the optimal functioning of our immune system

and for a whole range of basic functions.

Eat enough protein!

 Serious experiments prove that if we do not take in a sufficient amount of protein, your body will "compensate" with a higher caloric intake. In other words, if you don't eat enough protein, you will take in the missing amount from carbohydrates and you will no longer build muscle, but your fat stores will grow instead.

If you don't take in enough, your body will perceive it as a deficiency and will react with hunger. This also starts a vicious cycle and you end up overeating other macronutrients again.

According to official information, the minimum amount of protein to be consumed is 0.8 g/tskg. is around, this is "enough" to not get sick and stay alive, but that's only if you don't do anything at all...

But I think you want more than that!

The desirable amount - especially if you want to live a healthy life - is somewhere around 1.5-2 grams, but it can be higher if, for example, you do strength sports, cross-fit training or other sports that require more energy, or you are exposed to serious strain.

Countless studies prove that even a daily protein intake of 3 gr/tskg does not cause problems for the human body.

 In advance , let's clarify what types of proteins are available to us :

Animal- Plant

Plant proteins are not classified as full - value , complex protein sources , and their absorption is far behind that of animal proteins .

As their acid composition is not complete at all ( although this can be improved by selecting different sources , its absorption will still not be comparable to, e.g. , whey ) , which is why biol their biological utilization is also better than their counterparts of more animal origin .

Below we list those that are the most healthy , functional and valuable for the human body .


  • cattle -naturally, we are talking about pastured, free-range beef , which is much healthier and more sustainable than its industrial counterparts
  • we are talking about the meat of chicken - scratching and not antibiotic-filled animals , let 's also take into account that we don't just eat it alongside, but feel free to eat the other part of one of the thighs as well .
  • fish - with fish, make sure that it is not farmed fish , rather eat the meat of wild, caught fish . Cold - water fish such as salmon and trout, which have a very good ratio of fatty acids, can come into play, as well as sardines and other small - bodied sea fish , not only the popular tuna . It is interesting that the carp, which is very easily available and cheap in our country , in winter when the weather is colder, its fat content is similar to that of salmon , so it is a very good alternative if someone he doesn't like salmon.
  • eggs - one of my favorites, because the amino acid profile is exceptionally good, a real nutrient bomb, easy and versatile , and quick to prepare . Compared to the nutritional value , it is still cheap .
  • liver and internal organs - perhaps many people are scratching their heads here, even though liver and its " partners " are indeed a source of protein, but the story does not stop here , because if something is a superfood then that liver and the rest of the offal ! Vitamin A, vitamin B, folic acid, to name just a few, are essential nutrients
  • Scallops - whole and valuable form of protein , can be prepared in countless ways , delicious ( of course , this is also a matter of taste ) and nourishing

The other large group is food additives

As the name implies , these supplement our nutrition when we need it . For example , in the case of more serious weight training or in the case that you were not able to take in the right amount of protein with solid food , which , let 's face it, is a common case.

Whey protein

When we talk about nutritional supplements , one of the most useful sources is whey , especially if it is for muscle building . This includes concentrate , isolate and hydrolyzate. What is important from the point of view of our health is that the selected protein contains as few raw materials as possible: it should be free of artificial flavor enhancers , unnecessary additives , artificial colors and preservatives .

A reliable source of raw materials is also important . With profit in mind, many large companies produce from lower - quality sources , which means that the final product will not be of adequate quality .

One of the tricks is that the indicated amount of protein , e.g. in many cases 25gr/portion, but in many cases this means 18-20gr of " real " protein , the remaining amount e.g. they are d floated with glycine . Since this is completely in line with an inspection , the manufacturing company can easily "cheapen" its product , but it listens to the fact that it ultimately deceives the customer .

 At Panhellen, our fundamental rule is honesty and respect for the customer, which is why with us " what is written " on the label is actually fully included in the products . and there are no tricks !

The protein of a good whey consists of excellent , tested raw materials , it is not filled with unnecessary additives and dyes , so in addition to being easily and quickly utilized, it will not burden the body either.

Our company created e.g. ​100% whey protein , " Amino Whey " , which also contains the patented Digezyme digestive enzyme for easier processing , the microfiltered concentrate in it is creamier , makes the products tastier , and the content of the isolate has excellent biological utilization .

AMINO WHEY is therefore a high-quality, pure whey protein preparation for recreational and competitive athletes, providing above-average amino acid utilization, for greater and faster muscle building and regeneration.
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