ULTRAVITAMIN and ULTRAVITAMIN PRO – for maximum sports performance

ULTRAVITAMIN and ULTRAVITAMIN PRO – for maximum sports performance


Various dietary supplements have flooded the market in recent years, which is good news, as these products support our development, whether in terms of building muscle or losing weight. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose the most ideal one among the many products.

In our article, we present two performance-enhancing and fat-burning products, ULTRAVITAMIN and ULTRAVITAMIN PRO, to help you find the most suitable dietary supplement for you.


The special feature of our ULTRAVITAMIN product is that it also contains active ingredients that cannot be found in any multivitamin or daily vitamin package, and together they can greatly contribute to better sports performance and fitness.

The easy-to-swallow, naturally derived gelatin capsules contain a number of ingredients. The daily dose - marked with three different colors - consists of a total of 8 capsules. The white capsules consist of 2 calcium magnesium citrate and 1 vitamin B-complex capsule. These capsules should be taken separately from the rest, with a meat-free meal containing dairy products. The red portion contains 1 iron and 1 vitamin C-400 ultra complex capsule. It is worth taking when eating foods low in calcium and magnesium. Finally, among the yellow capsules there is 1 omega-3 fish oil 1000 capsule and 1 ultra soy lecithin capsule. Recommended for dishes containing fat (min. 10g).

All ingredients are placed in small, easy-to-swallow gelatin capsules of natural origin, without synthetic additives, in order to maximize the consumption experience and avoid unpleasant side effects (bloating, fullness, discomfort that sometimes occurs with multivitamins). All ingredients of ULTRAVITAMIN are of natural origin, 100% pure, sugar-, lactose-, gluten- and GMO-free.

According to the current state of sports science, ULTRAVITAMIN can be an ideal preparation for hobby athletes, as well as for all those who lead a physically and mentally active life. What is not included in ULTRAVITAMIN are sport-specific active ingredients that can be found in separate products. Thus, ULTRAVITAMIN is a general dietary supplement composition for any sports or active person, regardless of the type of load. An extremely strong base, on which specific accessories can be built, and when used together, the athlete can achieve a higher performance during training than before.


ULTRAVITAMIN PRO contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements in addition to special indirect performance-enhancing active ingredients, which is why it is the most important preparation among PANHELLEN products for a competitive athlete.

The ingredients that ULTRAVITAMIN PRO does not contain are sport-specific active ingredients that can be found in separate products. ULTRAVITAMIN PRO is a general dietary supplement composition for all competitive athletes - or actively training athletes - regardless of the type of load. The previously mentioned specific supplements can be taken together with ULTRAVITAMIN PRO, when used together, competitive athletes can achieve higher performance during training and competitions.

For our ULTRAVITAMIN PRO product, capsules already listed in our ULTRAVITAMIN dietary supplement are supplemented with green capsules. These can be consumed with any meal, but preferably separately from other colored capsules. The green portion contains 2 mineral ultra complex capsules, 1 MSM+ capsule and 1 betaine hydrochloride capsule.

Both our ULTRAVITAMIN and ULTRAVITAMIN PRO products consist of high-end raw materials and only pure and approved ingredients. They can promote regeneration and health preservation, and can also support performance enhancement, energization and fat burning.

The scientific-based, unique composition of the ULTRAVITAMIN capsules was developed for recreational athletes, and the ULTRAVITAMIN PRO capsules were specifically developed for competitive athletes. Find the products in our webshop!

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