Many people drink protein shakes, but few know which type should be chosen for which purpose. Here's a quick tip, understandably, to the point.


The biggest role of proteins is in the growth, construction and reconstruction of our body and tissues (e.g. muscle tissue). Protein food supplements are used for three basic purposes: Increasing muscle mass, preventing muscle loss (for example, in long-distance runners or other aerobic sports that "burn" muscles), and supporting weight loss. In many cases, we choose the protein shake based on its taste, but there is also a more important factor, even though the enjoyment value is undoubtedly important. (Who needs bad taste when we can drink something delicious.)

When choosing protein, it is worth examining the biological value of protein supplements, that is, the extent to which our body is able to utilize the protein. After all, this is the point in terms of the purpose of consumption. The most useful proteins - ahead of beef, egg, casein, soy and all other protein supplements - are whey products, i.e. whey proteins. Within this, the characteristic of the whey concentrate is the maximum consumer experience (the finest flavors, excellent texture), and the whey isolate won recognition for its outstanding biological utilization value.

Since during the production of the isolate, the whey is dried at a low temperature and then "filtered" (isolation), the activity of the proteins is preserved and the product is easier and faster to digest than other protein supplements. From there, there is only one step leading to the top of the proteins, the hydrolyzate.

With a special process (hydrolysis), they break down the protein particles further, we can also say that they "pre-digest" the protein. This results in even faster absorption and more efficient utilization.


So, the most useful protein preparation is whey hydrolyzate.

However, this does not mean that everyone should consume hydrolyzed protein. On the one hand, the hydrolyzate is the most expensive to produce, in accordance with its top quality. Thus, those whose wallet does not allow them to regularly consume hydrolyzed whey protein can choose a higher-quality whey concentrate or concentrate-isolate mixture.



To do this, you first need to know what exactly whey is. Whey is nothing but a by-product with a high protein content produced during cheese production, from which whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate are obtained by removing water and then through various refining processes. However, it doesn't matter what kind of cheese the raw material comes from, and it doesn't matter if the manufacturer always gets whey made from the same cheese, or sometimes uses one and the other, which is why we can sometimes find that a certain brand's product is like this one time, and another time such a taste and texture. If we want to avoid this, choose a reliable manufacturer, do not necessarily buy the cheapest product. (It is a commonplace that anything that is too cheap is suspect. If only because really high quality cannot be produced from the cheapest ingredients .)

Another thing that can significantly increase the effectiveness of a protein supplement is adding enzymes that help the utilization of the amino acids in the protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles, so it is most important that as many of them as possible are incorporated into the muscles. Examples of such natural enzymes are the patented DigeZyme® or the also patented PeptoPro® , which currently represent the top category of proteins. So, a whey concentrate supplemented with DigeZyme® enzyme and possibly an isolate (especially if it is also delicious) can form a perfect bridge between the plain concentrate and the expensive hydrolyzate. Such a product is already the entry level of the upper category, at an affordable price. A good example is Panhellen's "red shield" product line, Amino Whey.

If you still want the best, you are preparing for a competition, and the express goal is to lose weight in addition to muscle building, then choose the pure whey extract, or even better, the hydrolyzate.


We should also make sure that the product does not contain added sugar if possible, and if we want to be very precise, then compare the amino acid content of each product.

A good example of the top category is the Panhellen Ultra Whey protein family, which not only contains pure isolate and hydrolyzate, but the latter is the already mentioned, globally unique PeptoPro® hydrolyzate. As a separate category, we should also mention vegetable proteins - soy, peas, rice, hemp and others. Although their utilization value is far below that of whey proteins, they are a particularly good alternative for strict vegans. If you are not vegan, then choose whey products, taking into account the above.


What was written above mainly related to protein intake after training. However, if you want to consume protein in the evening, before going to bed, then whey is NOT the best choice, but casein. What is the reason of this? Why is protein intake before bed useful? What are the types of casein proteins and what should you pay attention to? How can casein support weight loss? You will find answers to all of these in this article.

Another world-patented preparation in Panhellen's range. The proteins with the highest biological utilization value (whey) have been supplemented with the unique DigeZyme® enzyme system, with the help of which an even greater amount of amino acids reach the muscle tissues, promoting faster muscle building.

The highest bioavailability protein, the "Rolls-Royce of proteins". It is delicious, non-fatty, and dissolves perfectly.

Hydrolyzate, the top protein :

From whey protein isolate, we further break down the peptides into di- and tri-peptides containing 2-3 amino acids by hydrolysis - that is, we "pre-digest" the proteins. Short amino acid chains result in even faster absorption and more efficient utilization, which makes hydrolyzed whey isolate the best-utilized protein preparation.

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