Everyone is aware that in order to increase body and muscle mass, additional energy must be provided to the body in addition to the energy used. Just like weight loss, the formula for growth can also be prescribed. However, the method only appears to be a simple mathematical task, since each person is individual; with different needs, demands, psychological state.

The excess energy also means an excess in the amount of food, which can be limited by the capacity of our stomach. Another difficulty is that most people imagine weight gain as "pure" muscle, with as little adipose tissue as possible. To do this, first of all, a weight-gaining training plan must be implemented, which is combined with a correctly composed diet . The process of weight gain is therefore very complex, so optimally, the work of a team consisting of a doctor, trainer/physiotherapist, and dietician is necessary to create the ideal body composition.


There are many legends about the energy and nutrient needs of athletes during weight gain. When compiling the diet, we must first determine the basic metabolism, and then the energy requirement suitable for the sport, intensity, and other activities. The general principle is to increase the energy intake by 200-400 calories every 2-3 days. As in the case of mass reduction, we must also follow the principle of gradualness when increasing muscle mass. Let's aim for a weekly weight gain of 0.25-0.5 kilograms and stay grounded in reality. Attention! In women, the process of muscle building is slower and less spectacular.


In general, the diet can be said to have a (relatively) high carbohydrate and protein content , but attention must also be paid to the right amount and quality of fat intake. It is important that our diet is rich in liquids, fiber and vitamins . Emphasis should be placed on food enrichment ; with egg whites, egg powder, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, protein powder, or special formulas. In such cases, the goal is to keep the amount of food unchanged, but to increase the energy density and nutrient content. Since we mainly want to build muscle, not gain fat, it is important that the extra energy intake is primarily made from high-quality carbohydrates and low-fat, high-biological protein. However, care must be taken to provide the body with enough extra protein that can be utilized and assimilated, but at the same time does not burden the body too much!

Fact 1: Muscle contains 75% water and 25% protein.

Fact 2: 1 kg of muscle gain can be achieved by consuming 250 g of protein.

Fact 3: In order for the protein to reach the muscles and be incorporated, energy is needed.

Fact 4: Our primary sources of energy are carbohydrates, so in addition to adequate protein intake, the appropriate carbohydrate-protein ratio is vital! In the case of building lean muscle, 1.5 g of extra protein approx. You must also add 30 g of carbohydrates!


The ratio of proteins in the nutrition of athletes is higher compared to healthy nutrition. The optimal protein intake can be precisely calculated using different methods, tailored to the individual, but in general it can be said that the demand of adult non-athletes is 0.8 g/kg of body weight; for endurance athletes 1.2-1.6 g/kilogram of body weight, and for muscle-building athletes 1.5-2 g/kilogram of body weight . Of course, we always calculate in relation to the target weight! What is important is that protein intake exceeding the requirement (4-5 g/kilogram of body weight) does not bring health benefits in the long term, and even with a properly prepared training plan, it does not result in better performance or rapid weight gain! Too much protein can lead to irritability, fatigue or dehydration, and high consumption of meat can cause bloating and other digestive complaints.



 The quantities mentioned above usually cover the daily requirement, however, sports goals often override all of this, so many athletes (both hobby and competition level) use dietary supplements. Not to mention that certain preparations can promote, for example, the utilization and absorption of proteins and amino acids, as well as help in increasing and maintaining muscle mass.

To maintain fat-free body weight and increase muscle mass, use a dietary supplement based on whey protein isolate and hydrolyzate .



Since branched-chain amino acids are "used up" by the body to the greatest extent during physical activity, it is worth purchasing a BCAA product made with a fermentation process .

Special active ingredients for a spectacular increase in muscle mass:

There are also supplements containing active ingredients and formulas, which, with regular use, can further increase muscle strength and fat-free body mass.

Together , leucine, HMB and vitamin B6 , amplifying each other's effects, participate in the regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. In addition to its anabolic (stimulating protein synthesis) and anti-catabolic (preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue) effects, a preparation containing these in an optimal proportion can also enhance the functioning of the body's defenses; it can contribute to the health of the skin, hair and bones, as well as to the prevention of many cardiovascular diseases (e.g. arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol).

Leucine is an essential amino acid for the body, which, in addition to increasing insulin secretion , improves the insulin sensitivity of cells and tissues . Insulin supplies the cells with energy (sugar, i.e. glucose), thereby ensuring the appropriate energy level of the entire body. As a result of the flow of sugar into the cells and its use, the blood sugar level decreases. By releasing carbohydrates (glycogen) stored in the liver and muscles , leucine provides the body with additional energy during training. As a result of exercise, the level of leucine in the blood begins to decrease rapidly, because this amino acid provides energy for the muscles the fastest. This starts the catabolic (degrading) processes. The process can be inhibited by leucine or by supplementing its metabolite (HMB) with a dietary supplement, with which we can also support anabolic and regenerative processes.

Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid is an intermediate metabolic product of HMB and leucine. It follows that it enhances the effect of both substances, further increasing its anabolic capacity . In addition, it can speed up regeneration, muscle fatigue and muscle fever by removing harmful metabolic byproducts (e.g. ammonia).

Phosphatidic acid, which also has an anabolic effect, stimulates protein synthesis, protects tissues and organs, and supports the protection of the nervous system, liver, and cardiovascular system.

The special active ingredients listed above (leucine, HBM, alpha-ketoisocapric acid and phosphatidic acid) are contained in an optimal ratio in the preparation called Panhellen A+ , which, thanks to its composition, can result in a spectacular development in increasing fat-free muscle mass.


  • Energy level increase and endurance enhancement
  • Effective muscle regeneration
  • Only pure and approved ingredients (HMB, L-leucine, Phosphatidic acid, Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid, vitamin B6)
  • Large and lasting increase in muscle mass
  • For competitive athletes and hobby athletes, to increase muscle mass, inhibit catabolic processes in skeletal muscles, and improve endurance.


  • Faster muscle building through outstanding amino acid utilization
  • Effective muscle mass increase + body fat reduction support
  • Impressive flavors with natural flavoring and perfect dissolution
  • Patented peak hydrolyzate: the best-utilized whey protein
  • For competitive and hobby athletes


  • Innovative fermentation technology and utilization-enhancing active ingredients
  • Only plant-based ingredients without chemicals
  • Impressive fresh flavors using real fruit
  • Microbacterial fermentation and predigested amino acids
  • Perfect resolution by instantization process


We put together the packages according to the goal and intensity.

This increases the efficiency of training and shortens the path to your goal.


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