Everything you need to know about BCAA amino acids: what they are, what they are good for and which one to choose

Everything you need to know about BCAA amino acids: what they are, what they are good for and which one to choose

Everything you need to know about BCAA amino acids: what they are, what they are good for and which one to choose

BCAA products are very popular among dieters and those who want to do sports. But what is BCAA? What is it good for and which of the products available on the market should you choose?

In our article, we have collected everything you need to know about BCAA amino acids.

What are BCAAs?

BCAA consists of 3 essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. It is essential because the body cannot produce these amino acids, so we must take them in the form of food or nutritional supplements. Among the foods, it is worth supplementing BCAA essential amino acids from red meat, chicken and turkey meat , and dairy products.

What is BCAA good for?

We need BCAA to build our body's tissues, organs and muscles. Adequate intake is also essential because 35% of our muscle tissue consists of these amino acids. It is important to know that a couple of minutes of training or physical activity is enough, and the amount of amino acids - especially leucine among them - already decreases in the muscles. If we don't make up for this deficiency, the body starts to heal itself, which in practice will mean muscle loss.

In short, BCAA amino acids are important for those who want to do sports because they are anti-catabolic, i.e. they prevent muscle breakdown, and they are anabolic, i.e. they promote muscle growth.

Which one do you choose?

We have already mentioned what foods can be used to replace BCAA. However, if we live an active life and do regular sports, it is not at all certain that we can replace the reduced BCAA levels in the muscles from food. Therefore, we recommend that, in addition to adequate protein intake, you also take care of sufficient essential amino acid intake with BCAA preparations.

Fortunately, today there are many BCAA products to choose from. However, you should also be aware that BCAA preparations are traditionally made synthetically. On the other hand , PANHELLEN's BCAA MAX product is made using a microbacterial fermentation process, the innovative fermentation method, without the addition of chemical substances.

In contrast to traditional BCAA preparations, PANHELLEN BCAA MAX is produced exclusively from vegetable raw materials, using a gentle process and at a low temperature. One of its advantages is that it does not contain milk sugar and allergenic substances, which makes it much easier to digest, which is further enhanced by the fact that the amino acids (leucine, isoleudin and valine) are in a pre-digested state thanks to fermentation. Therefore, our BCAA product can be consumed by vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and people with gluten sensitivity.

In addition, traditional BCAA preparations are often poorly soluble in water. In order to eliminate this problem, an instantization process without mechanical intervention is used on our BCAA product using a steam agglomeration technique that is unique on the market. we apply. As a result, PANHELLEN BCAA MAX dissolves easily, quickly and perfectly in water .

The result of our long product development is a BCAA preparation that is fully usable, contains the three most important amino acids in an optimal ratio, is produced exclusively from natural ingredients and methods, and is perfectly soluble and exceptionally delicious. Find it in our webshop in green apple and citrus dream flavors!

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