Summer has already started, but if you are planning your vacation in August and want to lose a few kilos by then, all is not lost. If you follow the points below, it will work, and it's not even a "cure", but a method with which you can easily maintain your ideal weight afterwards.


Fad diets almost never bring lasting results. If we manage to shed all the excess - usually at the cost of suffering - it is usually not permanent, and in fact, often more comes back than what "went down". If you want to lose weight successfully, painlessly and permanently, you need to change your lifestyle . Of course, the process can be sped up a bit at the beginning , we will cover this in this article, but let's start with the basics.

You are doing the "diet" well (more precisely, the lifestyle change aimed at an optimal body weight) if:

  • There is no significant reduction in lean body mass (i.e. muscle mass).
  • There is no metabolic disorder or damage to health.
  • There is no excruciating feeling of hunger.
  • Adequate supply of energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals is ensured (ie you do not deprive your body of important nutrients).
  • Despite all this, body weight decreases and fat pads disappear.

But what should be done for this? And can it be done simply, without big sacrifices and calorie counting?

May. If you comply with the following (and you do not have any illness or disorder that requires medical intervention), then you will succeed.

ATTENTION: In this article, we will NOT use scientific terms, we will not go into nutritional, biological and other details! We have already written several scientific, specific articles about weight loss, which you can find on the blog. However, if you are not interested in the scientific details, you just want to know the gist and start losing weight right away (even today), then you will like this article. This is a simple, to-the-point summary, which is of course based on hard scientific facts. You don't have to care about the WHY to be able to DO. The point is to get started!


Yes, it's a cliché, but like most clichés, it's true: The most important thing is to decide if you're going to lose weight. Don't "try", don't have doubts, but know that you will succeed. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself and let your determination be rock solid. Decide, do it and don't give up until you reach your goal!

And if in the first days or even weeks you don't get the results you dreamed of, don't be discouraged, just continue with the points below, and the results will come.


One of the main reasons why you struggle with excess weight is the wrong ratio of the types of nutrients. In Hungarian, there is too much fat and/or carbohydrates at the expense of protein. This means you take in more calories than your body uses; your body stores the excess. You have to lose this excess now, so the first step is to restore the proportions.


Here are some examples:

80% of butter is fat, while a natural buttercream is mostly below 30%, a low-fat cream cheese (which can be used instead of butter) is even below 5%! It makes a huge difference if you eat butter every day. At least replace it with buttercream, but it's best if you use low-fat cream cheese instead.

An average salami or sausage has an extremely high fat content (often over 40%), while there are "skinny salamis" with a fat content of 10-15%. Always check the fat content on the product label! If you don't stick to salami, then buy lean ham - chicken breast, turkey, pork leg ham - with a fat content of 2-3%, but if it's more, it won't go over 8%.

If you are a sandwich addict, you can achieve spectacular weight loss results just by replacing the butter and salami! Do you put cheese on your sandwich? You don't have to give up on this either, just choose a low-fat cheese with less than 10% instead of the usual 25-40% fat cheese. You can also do a lot for your weight loss.

If you cook yourself, use less oil and fat, and it is best to use olive oil, coconut oil or other "dietary" fats. If you order your lunch, order from a place where the fat content of the food is indicated, and make sure that the amount of fat in your lunch is under 25g !

And we could list the examples. The point is to take a detailed look at the high-fat foods you eat and the foods you use a lot of fat to prepare. Fortunately, today you can easily find out how much fat it contains, whether it's food you buy at the supermarket or cooked food you order. Give it some time and you will soon know by heart what to avoid and what to prefer.



Choose low-carb baked goods or extruded bread instead of white bread . It is more difficult for some people to switch to the latter, but it is relatively easy to get used to healthier bread, buns and muffins with a reduced carbohydrate content. You will experience that after a while it will taste better than the old, well-used white bread.

If you eat pasta , choose durum pasta or another low-carb version. Eat less potatoes, more rice, brown rice, or, even better, sweet potatoes . When you do eat potatoes, it should preferably not be French fries fried in a lot of oil , but boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, or, in the worst case, french fries baked in the oven (without oil). But the best alternatives to sweet potatoes are side dishes such as buckwheat , bulgur , or couscous .


Vegetables are also carbohydrates, just completely different from fine flour, potatoes or pasta. Feel free to use it for every meal! Eating peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and any raw salad with your meals will greatly contribute to weight loss. Never miss these, preferably eat raw vegetables with every meal! It helps digestion and fills you up, meaning you can take in fewer calories. You don't necessarily have to eat only salad, but make sure to include fresh, raw vegetables in every meal.

Grilled or steamed vegetables are also your friends: eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. You can eat them as a side dish, main course or as a supplement. The more "fattening" foods you choose with these, the closer you will be to your ideal weight.


Even if your diet contains the right proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you can still gain weight if you eat too much. As mentioned, the body stores the excess. Therefore , always eat only as much as you are no longer hungry. Eat more often, eat smaller portions rather than rarely a lot!

Eating once, twice, or even three times a day is not optimal. Divide your daily amount of food into at least 4-5 meals. You do NOT have to fast, in fact it is not good to be "starving". It's a myth that if you're hungry, you're dieting well! At the same time, be careful not to overdo it. Don't eat out of boredom, sadness or just for pleasure. Stop snacking, or rather the traditional version. And here we come to the last "forbidden" thing.



Well, sugar deserves a separate paragraph. This is the hardest thing for most people to quit. However, if you don't reduce it to zero, it will be inevitable if you are "addicted" and want to lose weight. You don't necessarily have to say goodbye to cookies, chocolate, and ice cream, but eat them in moderation, prefer the sugar-free versions, and replace them with "snacks" that contribute to your weight loss.


For chocolate, cakes, sugar pudding, etc. an excellent alternative is a good casein protein , which you can consume as a thinner milkshake, or mixed with a little water / milk / vegetable milk to a thick, pudding consistency. What's more, you can blend it with fruits. A good casein protein can trigger not only a snack, but also an entire meal, since - unlike other, quickly absorbed proteins - it ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety , it can also be equal to a gastronomic experience and satisfy the desire for sweets to the maximum, while contributing to weight loss. . For dieters, casein (especially micellar casein ) is a real joker.


If you are a fan of eating chips in the evening, eat vegetable chips instead of the traditional potato chips fried in extra oil. You will be surprised how delicious beets, carrots or celery can be made into chips. You can do it yourself, and such products are also available ready-made. Of course, eat this only in moderation, as (especially the store-bought versions) can have a high fat content! But it is definitely better than potato chips.

What's even better is raw beets, turnips, celery, etc. you eat, for which you can even make diet sauces . A good vegetable dip is also an excellent choice for an evening snack.


Of course, it is not expected that you reduce sugar to zero in your diet, almost completely eliminate carbohydrates and fat (which would not be healthy!), but it does not matter what and when you time it. Foods with a higher fat and carbohydrate content are more acceptable in the morning, in the morning and in the early afternoon , while towards the evening, pay attention to less and less of these, and more of the protein. It's a simple but very effective principle. It's not about eating like a king in the morning and a beggar in the evening. It's not about the quantity, but about the nutrient composition. Salmon or grilled chicken cannot be called "beggar food", even though you can eat them in the evening. You don't even have to save money with it. However, it doesn't matter what side dish you choose for them.

So in the evening, eat a lot of protein and little (or none) of carbohydrates and fat. Avoid bread, potatoes and rice at dinner; prefer lean meats, lean meats (even with a little low-carb bread), cottage cheese, fish, steamed vegetables, casein protein, etc.


No matter how lazy you are, no matter how overweight you are, and no matter how busy and tired you may be, none of these should be an excuse for sports. You have to devote time and energy to this. If you don't do sports at all, then don't think of it as a big deal: If you take a walk every day at first, that's a good start. If you can fit in a little run, or bodyweight training, or a half-hour aerobic workout in front of YouTube, then do it. If you can, go to the gym 3 times a week, go play soccer, or get on your bike every other day and ride a lap.

If you commit to it and make sport a part of your life, you will experience the following:

  • It's hard to get started, but then it's easy to get used to.
  • It really becomes a part of your life, you need it, you enjoy it.
  • You will find that it is not strenuous to spend time or energy on it.
  • You feel much better mentally, you are happier and more balanced.
  • Stress is drastically reduced, and life's obstacles are easier to overcome.
  • Your endurance, general fitness, and energy level increase.
  • You're losing weight. Fat pads disappear.
  • You're in shape!

This is very important, because no matter what diet you follow, in the best case, the extra kilos will disappear, but this alone will not give you a sporty, shapely figure. Sport is essential for this.

So get started! Any small step you take will be worth it – and it will pay off.



We are inundated with "fat-burning" miracle drugs, but let's stick to the scientific (proven) facts here. There are plant fibers that can provide real help, initiate, facilitate, and speed up weight loss. These should be included in our diet (at least in the first few months), but they do not replace the above! They only supplement and support the lifestyle change. Chitosan and glucomannan (also known as devil's tongue extract) can help.

Chitosan and glucomannan are non-digestible fibers (plant parts), which have many beneficial physiological and biological effects: they can help reduce the absorption of sugars, bind and reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol. In addition, they reduce the digestibility and therefore the absorption of food.

Furthermore, they have the special property of being able to bind multiples of their size in the form of water. As a result, they swell in the stomach, which means that the eaten food stays longer in the stomach, thus prolonging the feeling of satiety and fullness. It is worth choosing a product that contains these two natural active ingredients together . (For example, this is the Beach product.)

Attention! Fibers are only able to show this good quality if we increase our liquid consumption by at least 4-6 dl per day. Drinking the right amount of liquid (water) is an important part of the diet! If you drink little, start consciously drinking even when you don't feel thirsty. Your body may not indicate it, but you can be sure that 5-6 dl of water per day is not enough! ( You can read more about fluid consumption here. )


In addition to vegetable fibers, carnitine can be a useful supplement. There are several types of this, L-carnitine L-tartrate is the better choice for dieting. ATTENTION! Cannitin purchased from an inappropriate source can be dangerous and harmful, as you can read about in detail here .

The bottom line is that many preparations may contain a compound called D-carnitine, which can cause more harm than good. Only products with the Carnipure® logo are made with a guaranteed natural process, in all other cases there is a good chance that the packaging contains synthetic carnitine.

It has been proven that the fat-burning effect of carnitine can be increased by adding caffeine . In addition, caffeine (in the right form) also contributes to energization, so it is also useful for essential sports. In addition to carnitine, it is worth consuming a preparation containing caffeine and other naturally-derived energizing active ingredients before training (such as the Panhellen GO! product), which allows you to kill two birds with one stone: you support weight loss and mental and physical performance enhancement.

In addition to many other positive effects (such as energization, health support, better hair, skin, nails, etc.) , organic spirulina and chlorella algae also support weight loss. Here you will find useful information about exactly what and why it is worth consuming.

And finally, don't forget about the previously mentioned micellar casein protein preparations, which can make losing weight easier and more enjoyable, as well as maintaining an optimal body weight, but they can do even more.


If you change your eating habits by adhering to the above guidelines and specifics, in addition, you exercise according to your level, and in the first period you help you lose weight with the above-mentioned, proven effective natural products , then it can be said that you will be happy and confident on the beach this summer.

Good weight loss and lots of joy for your beautiful new life!

PS: Don't believe in miracles or miracle cures or methods! Make her look the way you want her to look

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